May 5, 2012

Restaurants: Tarn, France

Of the places I’ve tried in the  Tarn area, these are my top 3:

Le Colvert – Saint Lieux Les Lavaur

We had a relaxing long lunch here. The food was delicious, with an absolutely perfect mix of flavours and textures in all the dishes. There wasn’t a single thing we didn’t like over four courses! Nor were you left with that over-indulgent full feeling. The portion sizes were just right. I will be going back here again and again, the staff were great. It’s also one of those places you’d never find without local recommendation. It’s my Parisian neighbours favourite place, high kudos indeed!

L’Auberge de la Pointe – St Sulpice

Another delicious long lunch was enjoyed here! The chef here is a little more experimental in his combinations and the dishes have more of a nouveau feel to them, with lots of ‘flourishes’ which can tread a thin line between adding taste and being fussy. Lovely warm ambiance, with exceptional staff. The Panacotta au Roquefort was amazing. Oh, and the man on the next table had a gorgeous little, well-behaved, pug with him.

Vigne en Foule – Gaillac

A lucky find. A chic, modern little place with some fantastic wines. Everything we tried on the short menu was lovely. More of a place for a relatively quick (by French standards) lunch than somewhere I would linger over multiple courses.

To be fair, all of the restaurants visited (so far) have been good. Except for one in Carcassonne that shall remain nameless – not to save its reputation, rather as it was so awful I have wiped the name from my mind!  I did something I have never done before, sent back my order. It was simply inedible. A very un-French gastronomic experience, sadly fitting to the whole Carcassonne vibe – that’s another post…..


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