May 9, 2012


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Carcassonne & other amazing places gone wrong….

I mentioned in a previous post (Restaurants: Tarn, France) about quite possibly the worst restaurant I’d ever been to, in Carcassonne – and shockingly, it was in France. Sadly, for me, it was a reflection of Carcassonne itself.

Carcassonne is an UNESCO world heritage site, hugely popular tourist destination and literally seeped in amazing history. Both of us were really excited to visit. In many ways it didn’t disappoint – the exhibition at the Citadel was fantastic, especially in the portrayal of the renovation of this amazing fort and the many variations it had been through over centuries. Both the Citadel and the Bastide were beautiful architecturally.

Yet…. it was one of those places that had a bad vibe. I can’t explain it any other way. It felt wrong, ruined, unfriendly, over-done… unhappy. We wanted to see what we felt we needed to see – and get out!

There’s an amazing UNESCO World Heritage app (link here) and as I was scrolling through I wondered just how many other amazing places, like Carcassonne, are now ‘wrong’ or whether it’s still possible that many are ‘how they were supposed to be’?

I’ve only been to a small amount of the sites (so I have a long to-see list) but of the ones I’ve been to Carcassonne was the only one that felt like this.

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