May 19, 2012

Saturday market, Rabastens

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Grocery shopping in France is such a pleasure. My favourite market is in the local town, Rabastens, every Saturday.

During my time here, I’ve come to know the farmers, butchers, bakers and my favourite cheesemaker a little, enough to have jovial chats every week and more kindly, recommendations for local delicacies that perhaps otherwise I might not have tried.

Aside from the wonderful fresh, local, produce, it’s the relaxed atmosphere that makes the market so enjoyable. People catch up, stroll and discuss the quality of the produce, feel it, taste it and only then, buy it.

Seasonal produce is very much in evidence and I’ve been lucky enough to be here for artichokes and asparagus – oh, and the pink garlic is amazing. I use it in practically everything!

Other top buys: honeycomb miel, crumbly croissants and an incredible variety of saucisson.

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