May 21, 2012

J’adore 2CV’s!

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Aah, fond memories….the Citroën 2CV or deux chevaux.

This was my first car, or rather not this exact one (pics of mine seem to have been lost over time), the wonderful 2CV.

Whenever I see one it brings back happy memories of whizzing around London, and all over the UK on mad road trips. I loved all the 2CVs little foibles: The unique gearstick, best described as an umbrella handle in the dashboard; the convertible roof, more akin to opening a sardine can; opening the windows by literally folding the pane over itself; the fixed seating – over 6ft, prepare to be uncomfortable.

I’ve taken to audibly sighing when I see a 2CV in the streets now. It’s pure nostalgia. As a safe, modern day car, no, but for pootling about so much fun.



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