May 24, 2012

The joys of making pasta!

A group of us had dinner last night and everyone decided to get involved in the pasta creation, cue a few mini dough disasters, much hilarity and ‘professional’ competition.¬†We made a huge mess, flour everywhere, but the resulting assorted ravioli parcels (more akin in looks to a mangled selection of dim sum) were delicious – and we all had so much fun!!

Which made me think…..why don’t we all do this more often? Not just making pasta, but getting involved. The best dinner’s I’ve had at friend’s houses (or dinner parties if you must) have been when everything is a little chaotic, things go wrong, guests help and we all participate in the food not just the conversation.

As a child, my mother would let me and my siblings host pizza parties. No pizza delivery here. This involved a bunch of 7, 12, 15 year olds throwing pizza dough in the air, and at each other, then competing to make the most elaborate, bizarre or beautiful pizzas we could manage from the huge selection of toppings spread across the kitchen table. On the pizza creation, no-one ever quite trumped my brother’s dog biscuit pizza. Cleverly, it kept us busy, entertained and interested in our food. We all loved it and felt quite grown-up at having the kitchen to ourselves.

Dinners resolution – to throw in a bit more practical fun!



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