June 4, 2012

Au revoir et bon voyage…

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I absolutely love this part of France. Having never been to the Midi-Pyrénées before, the past few months here have been heaven. I shall miss it. I’ve made some lovely friends and so will definitely be back. Two of my absolute favourite pics above.

Highlights? So many.

Proper sunshine from March, in Europe (!); the markets; Rabastens; dawn at the cottage; happy travelling pets with their enormous acres of garden and lizard hunting; drinks on the terrace; improved French; delightful neighbours; happy visitors; the pool; the sunshine and the pool, again; poppies; Albi; the chocolatier; les pain de Lissou; peace; pink garlic; the views; the election (yes, really!); the hoopoes……

…..à bientôt!


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