September 17, 2012

Treasure trove…

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Ath, Belgium:

Home to the wonderful Deknudt Antiques. This was my second visit and it didn’t disappoint. This very large, but unassuming warehouse is set off the main road between Leuze-en-Hainaut and Ath and is a veritable treasure trove of furniture from 1750’s plus. It’s not immediately obvious from the road, the signage is tiny, and is definitely a word-of-mouth find. I was taken there by friend’s last year and so this weekend spread the word further, taking three Ath newbies with me for the roadtrip.

Once inside, with a limited two hour window, our little group were like those frantic contestants on a supermarket dash. The place is literally packed to the rafters with all sorts from 1750s to 1950s. It is quite simply overwhelming. Furniture is stacked high with only narrow corridors for navigation. Once you identify something you’re interested in, odds are you will spend a good five minutes trying to locate your companion for a second opinion and easily the same again remembering where said item was.

A very happy and successful trip – lucky we took a van!


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