December 2, 2014


Unlike FOMO, YOLO and a hundred other text-y type acronyms I only heard AFGO for the first time last week.

It apparently stands for: Another f***ing growth opportunity!

A description that couldn’t have been more achingly apt after the horrible few days I’d just been through. (Despite a momentous trigger I managed to avoid a PTSD episode. Just. It certainly wasn’t pretty and repercussions are still apparent BUT I didn’t spiral into an episode. Yay… that’s major progress and AFGO certainly fits).

AFGO did what all ridiculous hands in the air style phrases so brilliantly tend to do – point out the obvious! Hearing it made me laugh through the tears. Properly laugh. Painful tears mixed with the laughing sort and I felt a bit lighter – there’s an actual phrase for this kind of thing?!

So, I shall be using AFGO again. Simply because it’s true isn’t it? To go on in life you have to somehow learn to treat painful, challenging times, issues etc as just that – Another Fabulous Growth Opportunity – and when you begin to see from your own experience that indeed you are growing, managing better if not perfectly, then it strikes a chord.


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