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So, a little background and.…an update, October 2014:

The original ‘About me’ (which still applies), below, was written in April 2012 some time before I got seriously ill. This blog has been dormant since September 2012. Recently I’ve been drawn to pick up the blog again as my recovery progresses. Given this, I wanted to update this page to include the ‘whole’ and not just the sunshine.

That ‘whole’ includes that I am recovering from acute Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It appeared in my life seemingly overnight nearly a year ago and a good 25 years after the actual source trauma, chronic long-term childhood sexual abuse (CSA). Stuff I thought I had dealt with years ago. (I’ve given an overview of this illness that got in the way, here).

It has been terrifying and completely debilitating but slowly, frustratingly slowly, and with much hard work, patience, an incredible doctor and family support I am getting better and re-joining life.

As a result, I’ve learned that focusing solely on the light doesn’t get rid of the shadow, and trust me, I really, really tried :) That said, recovering from PTSD and the effects of the CSA is just a part of my life experience and certainly not the definition of me so I have no desire to turn this into a specific, one issue, blog. Just like my travels, love of antique markets or opinions – all are aspects that make up the ‘whole’ and while I will no longer hide and ignore the impact of PTSD & CSA, nor is it my whole life.

So, I’m going to include some experiences of recovery in this little creative space and share anything I think may be helpful to others as part of my new ‘whole’ blog. Therefore, I’ve changed the blog around a bit. For more on this and what I think I’ll be blogging about in more detail, please have a look at: About the blog.

Bizarrely, I am less scared about starting up the blog now than I was before being ill (you can see how nervous I was way back when, here). Despite days when I feel anything but, I am becoming stronger now. It’s a relief to be able to be a ‘whole’ person even if it means talking about less sunny things sometimes.

Welcome to the new Wooflesnapper! LCx

Original ‘About me’….

I love sunshine and big, blue skies. Heat not cold. I don’t like the grey. Markets rock: antiques fairs, brocantes, vide grenier, farmer’s, schools – they’re all good for random finds. A certain amount of cat & dog hair makes a home. Travel is essential. I think finding yourself is just as much about losing yourself in life, love, work, creativity, beliefs, everything. I enjoy driving on the wrong side of the road.

I work in communications but this is a wholly personal blog. I’ve looked after global communications for large international brands, individuals and charitable institutions so I’ve written for company blogs and ghost-written for people in the public-eye before…. but I am a personal blogging newbie, blogging for fun and absolutely delighted to have no client copy approval! I mention this because the blog is about everything but work.

Starting the blog is both exciting and nerve-wracking. I’m hoping to find people I can connect with, relate to and be inspired by anywhere in the World.  I’d love your comments and to hear about your blogs and adventures in return.

Thank you for having a look – it’s hugely appreciated. If you’d like to connect with me further, do leave a comment or email me. You can also find Wooflesnapper on Twitter & Pinterest.

Enjoy! LCx

ps: There’s only one author, me. For some reason I set up the author posting name as ‘Woofle’, oops…