About the blog


Observations, interesting finds, life’s little adventures – and some PTSD & CSA recovery specific stuff.

Wooflesnapper is a personal lifestyle-type blog I think, it’s hard to categorise.

Originally I set up the blog to focus solely on the brighter side of life and while I’ve no doubt my content will still lean this way I no longer think that’s a realistic approach. If it seems appropriate, topical or helpful in any way I also won’t shy away from sharing what I’ve learnt through the darker times of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) & CSA (CHildhood Sexual Abuse).

Sunshine & Clouds – probably my everyday blog area, there’s always blue sky whichever way you look at it.

Mooi – a fabulous Dutch word and my place for things I love, image led.

My 101 – 
this is where I plan to share stuff I’ve found helpful in my recovery, a more PTSD & CSA resource specific area.

Pensieve - a place to park pesky thoughts to return to at leisure. I intend to use mine for longer thoughts, opinions, little stories.


A quick note about this – I haven’t quite worked out how to do this within my theme yet. So, as a temporary sticky-plaster solution I’ve simply linked to a post page: Blogroll – location, location – I will get the functionality fixed soon.


This blog is a personal blog. These are my personal opinions. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. The World would be very dull if we all thought the same. So, I’m happy to discuss different viewpoints, but please: no nasty language etc. If you wish to comment, kindly remember there’s a human being behind the screen!

I plan to mainly use my own images, however if I do use any others I will credit and link them appropriately. Let me know if I’ve made a mistake and I will remove or fix it.

This blog has no advertising, sponsorship or affiliate programmes.

Any recommendation I make for anything – be it a place to visit, item to buy, suggestion or something that worked for me – is done so in good faith and I take no responsibility for anyone else’s experience with any of the above.

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