What’s a wooflesnapper?

July 22, 2019 LC 0

I grew up with two childhood secrets. The incidental being that wooflesnapper was our childhood nonsense word for fart; the more damaging being my childhood sexual abuse. Neither secret helped with the typical childhood quest of cool-ness or, at the very least, being like eve …

The train: linear v organic thinking

December 6, 2015 LC 0

When speaking with family and close friends, ‘the train’ has become conversational shorthand for a linear life. In short, you board the train at one of its early stops: first job, relationship etc and follow the trip through an orderly set of station stops, no detours, no …

Ambiguity of CSA terminology

July 10, 2015 LC 1

There is enormous ambiguity in the terminology surrounding child sexual abuse (CSA). Understandably, you could argue, given the sensitive nature of the subject.  It would be an understatement to say this really bothers me. It really, really bothers me. It makes me so furiou …

Emotional irritation: agent of action

February 20, 2015 LC 0

DEFCON Code Red = my current emotional irritation level. The Dr says this is healthy and good. Huh? Feeling irritated at everything in varying degrees, general low-level grumpiness, an over-riding feeling of being uber fed-up – all feels really ick – how can that be a …

Gossamer trampoline over a volcano

February 4, 2015 LC 0

Stepping onto a gossamer trampoline stretched over a huge volcano is how writing my blog feels. Really! This strong mental image sprung forth unannounced as I tried to rationalize how I felt about the online reaction to my post: Grief for pets – an observation. It was far b …

Insights from therapy

February 3, 2015 LC 0

On this long road to managing my PTSD and healing the old, but deep, wounds from CSA I’ve spent a lot of time with my Dr. After every session I spend some time going through my session notebook trying to ensure the lessons, understanding and insights stick in my head. S …
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Grief for pets – an observation

January 31, 2015 LC 5

Today is 31st January 2015. It is one whole, long, month since my beautiful, sweet cat Miss P died on New Year’s Eve. I had to let the vet put her to sleep. It was, and still is, absolutely heartbreaking. I still can’t believe she is gone, and the grief is heavy. Together …