Hello! Wooflesnapper is back…

October 15, 2014 LC 0

Many blogs are set-up with great intentions, grand plans and dreams and this one was no different. So too do just as many fall by the wayside… After months of preparation, Wooflesnapper only remained ‘live’ for a couple of months – hardly even time to work out the …

Feel the fear

September 24, 2012 LC 0

Why blog? A question I’ve given considerable thought to recently. I started setting up my blog in April 2012, living in France, but I’m only going live with it now, in September. Aside from getting to grips with the technical bit (not that easy, but not six months har …
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Treasure trove…

September 17, 2012 LC 0

Ath, Belgium: Home to the wonderful Deknudt Antiques. This was my second visit and it didn’t disappoint. This very large, but unassuming warehouse is set off the main road between Leuze-en-Hainaut and Ath and is a veritable treasure trove of furniture from 1750’s …
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Geneva, CH

September 11, 2012 LC 0

Such a beautiful weekend in Geneva – perfect sunshine, lovely ambience and great company. It’s amazing that even in the harbour areas the Lake remains clear. The flower displays at the Four Seasons were just incredible – very uncool to take shots, but I real …

Non, je ne regrette rien

September 5, 2012 LC 0

We all have good days, bad days and indifferent days – but in amongst these are you living your life how you really want to? Are you avoiding regrets? I’ve read a few things recently which suggest we all take a step back, or rather, forward in time, to our deathbed no les …
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La braderie de Lille

September 3, 2012 LC 0

I love La braderie de Lille, it is just such a mad, and very French, weekend. The whole of this elegant city is taken over by Europe’s largest annual flea market for 48 hours. There is an air of ‘anything goes’ and indeed not only are the streets taken over …
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Wissant, France

August 27, 2012 LC 0

My first visit. Fantastic beach, and big enough to accommodate everyone: children, kitesurfers, sunbathers etc. Spotted a house crying out for renovation, see above. Altogether a charming place.