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Outdoor exhibitions

August 23, 2012 LC 0

One thing the city of Den Haag really excels at is outdoor exhibitions, particularly on the Lange Voorhout. This beautiful tree-lined avenue lends itself very well to exhibitions, fashion shows and other events. I adore the elephant, above, which for me is the stand-out piece …
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Lake Wörthersee, Austria

August 15, 2012 LC 0

Lake Wörthersee –  Contender for the ‘best lake in the World’ prize!? This is my second visit here, and it is just so beautiful I cannot imagine not making another trip. The water is crystal clear, and of drinking water quality (as many locals are keen to …
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Au revoir et bon voyage…

June 4, 2012 LC 0

I absolutely love this part of France. Having never been to the Midi-Pyrénées before, the past few months here have been heaven. I shall miss it. I’ve made some lovely friends and so will definitely be back. Two of my absolute favourite pics above. Highlights? So man …

The joys of making pasta!

May 24, 2012 LC 0

A group of us had dinner last night and everyone decided to get involved in the pasta creation, cue a few mini dough disasters, much hilarity and ‘professional’ competition. We made a huge mess, flour everywhere, but the resulting assorted ravioli parcels (more a …
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J’adore 2CV’s!

May 21, 2012 LC 0

Aah, fond memories….the Citroën 2CV or deux chevaux. This was my first car, or rather not this exact one (pics of mine seem to have been lost over time), the wonderful 2CV. Whenever I see one it brings back happy memories of whizzing around London, and all over the UK …

What’s your yardstick?

May 20, 2012 LC 0

The yardstick I refer to is that particular, personal measurement each of us uses to define our position in the World. It’s the measurement by which we perceive our successes and failures and very often, like the proverbial iceberg, much of it lies hidden so deep in our sub …
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Saturday market, Rabastens

May 19, 2012 LC 0

Grocery shopping in France is such a pleasure. My favourite market is in the local town, Rabastens, every Saturday. During my time here, I’ve come to know the farmers, butchers, bakers and my favourite cheesemaker a little, enough to have jovial chats every week and mor …