What’s the ‘Pensieve’?

May 17, 2012 LC 0

Shamelessly lifted from the Harry Potter books – the pensieve was an object Dumbledore used to review memories, he simply siphoned them from his mind to be reviewed at leisure. Well, this section is intended to be a similar type of repository, a place to offload stuff t …

Marvellous chandeliers

May 17, 2012 LC 0

I absolutely love chandeliers – they’re beautiful, functional, enchanting and romantic. They twinkle, sparkle, reflect sunshine and light and in my opinion work well in any room in the house as well as outside on a terrace or even hanging from trees for a magical …
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May 9, 2012 LC 0

  Carcassonne & other amazing places gone wrong…. I mentioned in a previous post (Restaurants: Tarn, France) about quite possibly the worst restaurant I’d ever been to, in Carcassonne – and shockingly, it was in France. Sadly, for me, it was a reflection of Car …

Restaurants: Tarn, France

May 5, 2012 LC 0

Of the places I’ve tried in the  Tarn area, these are my top 3: Le Colvert – Saint Lieux Les Lavaur We had a relaxing long lunch here. The food was delicious, with an absolutely perfect mix of flavours and textures in all the dishes. There wasn’t a single t …

Blogroll – location, location!

April 28, 2012 LC 0

I haven’t managed to suss out the blogroll functionality of this theme yet, so until then here’s a temporary home for just some of my favourite blogs & websites: In no particular order!   TED The fabric of my life Tea for Joy Decorator’s Notebook Ga …

What’s ‘Sunshine & Clouds’?

April 27, 2012 LC 0

Good question! I’m not completely sure yet, but this is my intention: Sunshine & Clouds is how I try to see every day. You tend to get one or the other or a combination but, whichever, there’s always blue sky behind it. So I’m planning on using this part …