The train: linear v organic thinking

December 6, 2015 LC 0

When speaking with family and close friends, ‘the train’ has become conversational shorthand for a linear life. In short, you board the train at one of its early stops: first job, relationship etc and follow the trip through an orderly set of station stops, no detours, no …
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Grief for pets – an observation

January 31, 2015 LC 5

Today is 31st January 2015. It is one whole, long, month since my beautiful, sweet cat Miss P died on New Year’s Eve. I had to let the vet put her to sleep. It was, and still is, absolutely heartbreaking. I still can’t believe she is gone, and the grief is heavy. Together …

Feel the fear

September 24, 2012 LC 0

Why blog? A question I’ve given considerable thought to recently. I started setting up my blog in April 2012, living in France, but I’m only going live with it now, in September. Aside from getting to grips with the technical bit (not that easy, but not six months har …

Non, je ne regrette rien

September 5, 2012 LC 0

We all have good days, bad days and indifferent days – but in amongst these are you living your life how you really want to? Are you avoiding regrets? I’ve read a few things recently which suggest we all take a step back, or rather, forward in time, to our deathbed no les …

What’s your yardstick?

May 20, 2012 LC 0

The yardstick I refer to is that particular, personal measurement each of us uses to define our position in the World. It’s the measurement by which we perceive our successes and failures and very often, like the proverbial iceberg, much of it lies hidden so deep in our sub …

What’s the ‘Pensieve’?

May 17, 2012 LC 0

Shamelessly lifted from the Harry Potter books – the pensieve was an object Dumbledore used to review memories, he simply siphoned them from his mind to be reviewed at leisure. Well, this section is intended to be a similar type of repository, a place to offload stuff t …