Sunshine & Clouds

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Treasure trove…

September 17, 2012 LC 0

Ath, Belgium: Home to the wonderful Deknudt Antiques. This was my second visit and it didn’t disappoint. This very large, but unassuming warehouse is set off the main road between Leuze-en-Hainaut and Ath and is a veritable treasure trove of furniture from 1750’s …
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Geneva, CH

September 11, 2012 LC 0

Such a beautiful weekend in Geneva – perfect sunshine, lovely ambience and great company. It’s amazing that even in the harbour areas the Lake remains clear. The flower displays at the Four Seasons were just incredible – very uncool to take shots, but I real …
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La braderie de Lille

September 3, 2012 LC 0

I love La braderie de Lille, it is just such a mad, and very French, weekend. The whole of this elegant city is taken over by Europe’s largest annual flea market for 48 hours. There is an air of ‘anything goes’ and indeed not only are the streets taken over …
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Wissant, France

August 27, 2012 LC 0

My first visit. Fantastic beach, and big enough to accommodate everyone: children, kitesurfers, sunbathers etc. Spotted a house crying out for renovation, see above. Altogether a charming place.
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Outdoor exhibitions

August 23, 2012 LC 0

One thing the city of Den Haag really excels at is outdoor exhibitions, particularly on the Lange Voorhout. This beautiful tree-lined avenue lends itself very well to exhibitions, fashion shows and other events. I adore the elephant, above, which for me is the stand-out piece …
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Lake Wörthersee, Austria

August 15, 2012 LC 0

Lake Wörthersee –  Contender for the ‘best lake in the World’ prize!? This is my second visit here, and it is just so beautiful I cannot imagine not making another trip. The water is crystal clear, and of drinking water quality (as many locals are keen to …
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Au revoir et bon voyage…

June 4, 2012 LC 0

I absolutely love this part of France. Having never been to the Midi-Pyrénées before, the past few months here have been heaven. I shall miss it. I’ve made some lovely friends and so will definitely be back. Two of my absolute favourite pics above. Highlights? So man …