What’s a wooflesnapper?

July 22, 2019 LC 0

I grew up with two childhood secrets. The incidental being that wooflesnapper was our childhood nonsense word for fart; the more damaging being my childhood sexual abuse. Neither secret helped with the typical childhood quest of cool-ness or, at the very least, being like eve …

The train: linear v organic thinking

December 6, 2015 LC 0

When speaking with family and close friends, ‘the train’ has become conversational shorthand for a linear life. In short, you board the train at one of its early stops: first job, relationship etc and follow the trip through an orderly set of station stops, no detours, no …

Ambiguity of CSA terminology

July 10, 2015 LC 1

There is enormous ambiguity in the terminology surrounding child sexual abuse (CSA). Understandably, you could argue, given the sensitive nature of the subject.  It would be an understatement to say this really bothers me. It really, really bothers me. It makes me so furiou …


December 2, 2014 LC 0

Unlike FOMO, YOLO and a hundred other text-y type acronyms I only heard AFGO for the first time last week. It apparently stands for: Another f***ing growth opportunity! A description that couldn’t have been more achingly apt after the horrible few days I’d just been throu …